Project Description

The developer of a 200 unit condominium resort in Rosarito, Mexico, wanted to create the most luxurious and environmentally friendly property on the Baja coast. A chemical engineer by training, he also wanted to participate in the planning of this cutting-edge project, and we were happy to collaborate with him. Our facilities plan included desalinizing water from the Pacific through reverse osmosis to drinking standards. Wastewater was treated with a membrane bioreactor, UV light, and ozone disinfection. then reclaimed for irrigation, water features, and toilet flushing. Together, the processes allow for zero discharge of wastewater into the ocean with a highly sustainable system.

The Baja coast has a fascinating geography and an exceptional climate. An outstanding experience for our clients needed to include a plan for preserving the natural resources that make this property so special. ADC’s plan is very creative and holistic – exactly what we needed. – Steve Godfrey, President and General Manager, Paradise del Baja Sunset