Project Description

The developer of an RV resort in Mosier, Oregon, came to us with some big dreams: build a first-rate facility with 540 lots featuring luxury amenities like and indoor/outdoor swimming pool and a 9-hole golf course on a semi-arid location. Full wastewater reclamation would be necessary during summer months, but limited areas were suitable for disposing treated wastewater in the winter. Our feasibility study and work with local and state reviewing agencies allowed the developer to move forwards. Our final plan included an MBR system for treating up to 60,000 gallons per day for use in landscape irrigation and water features in the summer. During winter, reclaimed water is used for aquifer recharge through high-rate infiltration galleries on a small footprint. This system also includes full telemetry allowing for remote monitoring, a significant reduction in operational costs.

For a lot of reasons, the site we chose for this RV resort is ideal. But not from a water perspective. We definitely brought a challenge to ADC, and they came back to us with a creative and complete reclamation and reuse solution. Even better, their take-charge attitude was refreshing. – Jerry Smith, President, Aventura Resorts